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Welcome to Classic Architectural Products,

Inspired by trends from around the world, and from various periods in history, polyurethane architectural elements are created for both interior and exterior residential and commercial applications. Manufactured from highly durable, moisture and flame resistant polymer material, Classic Architectural Products are light weight and can easily be sawed, planed, nailed, glued and painted like wood. They are extremely durable, resistant to moisture, flame, mildew acids and alkali. And last but certainly not least, polymer designed products are less expensive than wood or plaster, and offers faster installation time.

Founded in 1985 by Dr. Ravi Navare, Classic Architectural Products has been recognized as a world leader in incorporating leading edge polymer technology into classical architectural form. Presently, Dr Navare and his companies hold more than fourteen U.S. patents for polymer formulation and has become a well known authority in polymer engineering.

Through the years, Classic Architectural Products has become dedicated to the accurate reproduction of both traditional architectural elements and contemporary designs. The company employs a diverse staff of artisans and engineers who together produce distinctive architectural elements utilizing the most technologically advanced materials available. This combination of old-world artisanship and leading edge technology produces the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing products in the market today.

Numerous examples of the company’s client custom requests can be found throughout the world. When the curators of the United Kingdom’s Windsor Castle identified several wooden appliqués that had succumbed to make exact reproductions using its advanced polymers… when the first Baptist Church of the East Point, Georgia discovered that is 100 year old columns were showing signs of insects infestation and dry rot, Classic Architectural Products was asked to assist in replacing the forty-foot tall, twenty four inch columns, capitals and bases with exact duplicates. Utilizing a custom polymer formulation, classic met the challenge with replacements that will withstand the next 400 years.

Classic Architectural Products is proud to offer a very broad and extensive product line to both consumers and commercial customers throughout the world. Having long satisfied the world-wide custom requirements for thousands of customers, and now recognizing the growing trend of polymer architectural designs by Architects, Remodelers, Residential and commercial builders, and Do-it-Yourself consumers, the Classic Architectural Product line is presented for all those whose imagination is virtually unlimited.


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